Decorative Plaster

White cement based, resin and polymer added, waterproof, high adhesion and strength exterior coating. High resistance to water and frost. It has a natural decorative appearance.

Technicial Specifications Description
Packing 25 Kg/Bag(±%02)
Appearance White Powder
Application Temperature -5°C+30°C
Water Mixing Ratio 6-6,5 L Water/25 Kg Powder
Application Thickness 2 mm
Theoretical Powder Consumption 2,4-2,8 Kg/m²/cm
Grain Size Class S4
Water Vapor Transfer Rate Class V1
Water Transfer Rate Class W3
Impact Strength (EN 13497) > 2 joule
Fire Response Class A1
Shelf Life 1 Year

It is easy to apply and shape. It shows high resistance to all kinds of climatic conditions. It is resistant to external weather conditions and water repellent. It prevents moisture accumulation. Resolves surface defects. It is long lasting, does not burn and swell. It creates a homogeneous decorative image after application. Thanks to its texture, it covers the marks of steel trowel on the plaster surface. It has vapor permeability. It can be painted with exterior paint.

It is used as a decorative coating on exterior surfaces, thermal insulation systems, on all kinds of mineral surfaces, on exterior, thermal concrete, in residential, shopping malls and hospitals, horizontal, vertical and overhead applications.

Surface Quality: The surfaces must be clean, smooth, solid, free from all kinds of dust, oil, dirt, rust, mold oil, detergent-like substances and waste. Surfaces should be smooth, weak parts should be removed. If there are cracks or cavities on the floor or wall to be applied, it should be repaired with suitable repair mortars.

FIXPER Decorative Plaster is added slowly in clean and cold water and mixed with a low speed mixer for about 10 minutes until the mixture becomes lumpy. The mixed mortar is rested for 5 minutes and mixed again. If necessary, the consistency of the mixture is adjusted again by adding water. The required amount of water should be adjusted according to the weather conditions. While mixing with the machine, it should be paid attention that the particles in the product are not abraded. Equal amount of water should be used for each batch of mortar mix. Otherwise, pattern and tone differences may occur on the surface. The prepared mixture should be consumed within 2 hours depending on the weather conditions. The prepared homogeneous mixture is applied smoothly to the surface with a steel trowel and excess material is cleaned from the surface in order to obtain a layer thickness in the product. Pattern should be applied within maximum 10 minutes after FIXPER Decorative Plaster is applied homogeneously on the application surface. In order to obtain fine grain texture, pattern is given with circular movements with a plastic or polyurethane trowel. The trowel surface should be peeled off frequently while designing. Products with the same charge number should be used on the same surface. In order to avoid overlapping on large areas, care should be taken to ensure that sufficient numbers of people are employed during the application, and the material is applied without interruption and until it reaches the joint ends or detail corners.