Ultraplus Adhesive

FIXPER ULTRAPLUS ADHESIVE It is an adhesive mortar with high adhesion strength, elastic character, reduced slip feature, resistant to heat change, water and frost, developed, cement-based, large-sized coating material such as ceramic granite ceramic, granite, marble, natural stone, porcelain.

Technicial Specifications Açıklama
Packing 25 Kg/Bag
Appearance White Powder
Application Temperature -5°C+40°C
Application Thickness 1 mm – 5 mm
Application Time 45 Minute
Method of Application  Steel Trowel
First Drying 3 Hours
Setting Time 8 Hours
Fire Response Class A1
Theoretical Powder Consumption 1 Kg/m²/ 1 mm
Compressive Strength CSII (5,2N/mm²
Water vapor permeability None
Capillary Water Absorption None
Adhesion Strength 7,2 Kgf/cm

FIXPER ULTRAPLUS ADHESIVE; It is used for bonding solid, dust-free and low water absorption coating materials such as cement based plaster, screed, ceramic on lined concrete surfaces with low water absorption rate on horizontal and vertical surfaces indoors and outdoors. It is used for bonding granite, marble, cotto, natural stone-like coatings with low water absorption rate to interior and exterior horizontal and vertical surfaces, especially in places exposed to heavy traffic.

The surface should be dry, clean, solid and free from dust, oil, dirt or materials that prevent adhesion should be removed from the surface, materials such as mortar and cement residues should be scraped off.

Mixing Ratio It should be mixed with water in the ratio of 24 - 26% of its weight. (6.0 - 6.5 liters of water for 25 kg packaging) Low-speed electric mixer (400 rpm) Special tip mixing equipment It should be mixed with a low-speed mixer so that no dust and lumps remain. Mortar 5-10 min. After resting, 1 - 2 minutes before application. must be mixed again.

FIXPER ULTRAPLUS ADHESIVE; It is presented in craft bags of 25 kg net.

It should be stored in its unopened original package, in a dry (maximum 60% relative humidity) and cool (temperature between +5 C ° and +25 C °) and its shelf life is 12 months.

For easy and safe application of the product, please refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS).