Insulated Light Screed

A ready-mixed screed insulation plaster containing Portland cement, expanded silicates and inorganic fillers. It is modified with additives, which are not harmful to health and environment, according to European filler directives and ISO requirements.It fulfils HEAT, SOUND and FIRE insulation conditions.

Technicial Specifications Description
Packing 50 L/Bag (±%02)
Appearance White Powder
Application Temperature -5°C+30°C
Application Thickness 10 mm – 50 mm
Application Time 45 Minute
Method of Application Steel Trowel-Pump
First Drying 1 Hour
Setting Time 72 Hours
Fire Response Class A1
Theoretical Powder Consumption 14-16 L/m²/cm
Dry Density 240 Kg/m³
Thermal Conductivity 0,047 W / mK
Compressive Strength CSII (2,2N/mm²
Water Vapor Permeability 8
Capillary Water Absorption W1
Adhesion Strength 3,2 Kgf/cm
Sound Insulation (2cm Thickness) 22 db/500hz
Fire Prevention (4cm) F120 / 120 Minutes

usage areas

It is used directly on the exterior walls of the buildings, columns and beams, on rough and fine plaster, brick, pumice bloc. Primer, must be used necessarily on concrete, gas concrete and painted surfaces.

surface preparatıon

Blistered paint and spaced plasters are scraped off the surface. 4-5 notches per 10 cm² press on painted surfaces. The application surface should be cleaned from dust. Priming must be done on painted surfaces.


Laths that determine the thickness are adhered to the prepared surfaces. Between two laths, is filled with a steel trowel or plasterer trowel and gauged. Following the first dry (~ 1-2 hours later ), the slats are removed from the surface and the spaces are filled and the pattern is drawn. if is dry when touched, (12-24 hours later) decorative plaster is drawn. No foreign matter should be added to the prepared mixture. (Lime, Plaster, Cement, etc.)

applıcatıon detaıls

In manual application, it should be mixed with ~ 8-10 liters of water with low speed (400-600 rev/min) drill for 3-4 minutes. In machine application, it should be pumped to the surface by mixing with 8-10 liters of water in average. When the desired thickness is reached, it should be allowed to dry.

applıcatıon condıtıons

Application surface and ambient temperature should be above 5 °C. Considering excessive moisture loss at temperatures above 35 °C, mixing water should be increased and the surface should be kept moist by wetting for 1 day after the surface hardening phase.

ıssues to be consıdered

Avoid application under strong wind or sun. The time increases at low temperatures and the time decreases at high temperatures. It should not be applied on frozen, melting or freezing surfaces within 24 hours. Appropriate plaster mesh should be used at different material junctions and points where movement may be considered.

storage transport

Protect from frost, rain and other weather conditions. 70 Bags in 1 pallet is 3.500 L.

envıronmental ımpacts

Not classified as dangerous.